R. Schmidtmeister e.K. 

Partner Company ASIA

Partnerfirma RICCA Industrial LTD, HKG is our partner company in Asia, who also controls the production and marketing strategies in our company group. The main aim is the production, marketing and the direct delivery (FOB/DDP) to our european customers. (a schematic system of the delivery handling you can find on the next sheet)

Beside this pretty close co-operation there are a lot of business-relations to well equipped manufacturers of the watch, clock and electronic sector. Because of these relations we have the possibility to implement our own ideas quickly and effectively.

Service and communication are a main part of the business in this time. Therefore and for the administration of all the orders including the services for the European customers our company R. Schmidtmeister e.K. is permanently available for you.

Your business partner for the 21st century.